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De La Gran Transformacion A La Gran Financiarizacion

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A work about Karl Polanyis contributions and thoughts. It exposes the intellectual, political and cultural climate where the Austro-Hungarian economist elaborated his masterpiece, The Great Transformation, which appeared in 1944. Kari Polanyi Levitt shows how through his Viennese socialist approach and the discussions with one of the main representatives of the Austrian Economy School, Fredericho A. Hayek, Karl Polanyi forged his ideas around the relationship between the State, the market and human beings. Likewise, the author concentrates in describing the main concepts and theoretical tools that originated from her fathers work to analyze what she considers the other great transformation of universal economy ?the one she denominates as financialization. Through a glance around the economic crisis that broke out in 2008, she analyzes the consequences of international financial destabilization both in Western and Eastern countries.

Karl Polanyi

Fondo De Cultura Economica

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