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Conferencias Politicas

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Political Conferences collects some scattered essays by Carlos Fuentes, which had been exposed by him in conferences or articles. Includes: The worlds situation and democracy (February 10, 1992), The Time Machine (1995-1997), Decalogue of change (October 25, 1995), New education, new millennium. (July 3, 1997), Mexico: Generations and Regenerations (January 29, 1999), Social Responsibility and Civil Society (November 15, 2001), Spain and Mexico: Sun and Shadow (September 8, 2006), The bicentennial of independence (June 7, 2007), The challenge of education (February 10, 2010), Time to take off (October 26, 2010), Times of today (February 1, 2012). These deal with issues of great importance such as: the legal order, education, progress and democracy. This last one seems to be the correct way to resolve the majority of the problems that he talks about in his speeches.

Carlos Fuentes

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